Repeat Dispensing

Repeat Dispensing

What is repeat dispensing?

Repeat dispensing allows prescribers to issue a batch of prescriptions for a medication which needs to be taken by the patient regularly. This allows the pharmacy to dispense your prescription at regular intervals for the number of batch prescriptions provided by the prescriber. An NHS repeatable prescription needs to be dispensed for the first time within six months of being written and can then only be dispensed subsequently for up to a year from being written or until any expiry date specified by the prescriber, whichever is less.

Benefits of repeat dispensing prescriptions

The advantage for you as a patient is that you don’t have to request or visit your doctor every time your prescription medicine runs out. The pharmacy will keep a batch of prescriptions which you can collect at regular intervals. If there are any changes in your medication, you suffer any adverse effects or your condition is not sufficiently controlled by your medication, please speak to your pharmacist or contact your doctor.

Electronic repeat dispensing prescription

Repeat dispensing can also be done now as an electronic prescription. The prescriber sends your repeat dispensing prescription to your nominated pharmacy and they will be able to dispense in regular intervals just like from a paper prescription.
There are many advantages of repeat dispensing and electronic prescription service (EPS), if you get regular medication. Speak to a member of staff about repeat dispensing and electronic prescription service for more details.
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